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Journey into the Heart of Suriname: Unparalleled Adventures Await”

Embark on an extraordinary journey to the breathtaking landscapes and rich culture of Suriname with our specially curated tours. From the moment your flight departs from Miami, anticipate a blend of adventure, relaxation, and exploration.

Day 1 to Day 8: Your Surinamese adventure begins with a seamless arrival from Miami, followed by a luxurious stay at Hotel Palacio. Immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness with our 4-day tour to Knini Paati, where the natural beauty will leave you spellbound. As you return to the comfort of Hotel Palacio in Paramaribo, savor the freedom of an evening at your leisure – the vibrant city life awaits your discovery.

Choose from an array of carefully designed tours including a City Tour to unravel the historical tapestry of Suriname, or venture into the lush landscapes with our Commewijne & Savanna tours. With another serene night at Hotel Palacio, you are perfectly positioned to enjoy a day of personal exploration and relaxation, truly making this trip your own.

As your journey winds to a close, reflect on the unforgettable memories you’ve made, the tranquil mornings, the thrilling adventures, and the warm Surinamese hospitality. Join us for an unparalleled experience in Suriname – where every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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