M a p & D i r e c t i o n


Perfect Location: Paramaribo Centre

A central location is a top priority for guests of PALACIO. We’ve got that box ticked. Our award-winning boutique hotel is in an amazing location, just a few minutes’ walk from Paramaribo’s centre’s main shopping streets & tourist area’s.

Transport from and to International Airport

The most convenient options for traveling to and from JAPI Airport: 
Hotel Palacio offers a fast and direct service from JAPI starting from just $35 each way.


Even though there are taxis available outside the terminal buildings at JAPI Airport, we advise against using taxi services you are not familiar with. Choose for the safest option and book your taxi through a registered company.

Costs: Starting at $35 for 1 or 2 persons (3 persons and more add $10 p.p.)
Duration: depending on traffic / hour of the day: about 60-90 mins.


There is on-street parking surrounding the hotel at HeerenStreet.
Parking on-street is free. Common practice in Suriname is that at certain area’s home people try and assist drivers looking for a parking spot find a free spot fast. You are never obliged to pay for their service, but if you find they did help you find a spot and they were there looking at your car while you were away, giving small fee (SRD 5)  is commonly done.

Public Transport (Bus)

Ask our team if you would like to travel with public transport. Click here to plan your journey.r

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